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October 25, 2008
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Photojournalism is Art Too by Ptollemy Photojournalism is Art Too by Ptollemy
And deserves just as much love! :boogie:

[Dedicated to :iconsaxmancometh: :heart:]
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FuriousEnnui Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008  Professional Photographer
In the hands of some, it is definitely an art. Cartier-Bresson, Capa, Australia's own Bruce Postle. Photo-journalism has the power to change the world, as those of us old enough to remember saw during the Vietnam War.

Unfortunately, for most photo-journalists it is just work. The shot of the local footy star lifting the trophy, another snap of a Mayor cutting a ribbon... same old same old. Often the fault is not the photographer's, but rather the picture editor's.

I shot freelance for a few years for many local newspapers in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs and some work for The Age, plus national sports magazines, and all too often the better shot was passed over in favor of the banal (except when it came to rock climbing and skiing magazines.. they always seemed to go for the funky or outrageous).
Ptollemy Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
In any field there are the innovators and the rest.

Sometimes I think the local and state newspapers just want more of the same... let's not jolt the readers out of their complacentcy lest their take their money elsewhere. It's a numbers games to them, nothing else.

Fortunately there are a few photographers and editors out there trying to raise the bar. :D
BunnyTHM Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
Thanks for this stamp! :3 I'm a photojournalism student, here here!
Ptollemy Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
You're welcome. Photojournalism is way too under-appreciated! :highfive:
TheMysteriousK Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
If designing ugly shopping malls, scribbling original character sheets or exhibiting your uncleaned bed is art, photojournalism is definitely art too! :frustrated: And even if they weren't, it still is.

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